Thanks for working with Miles (and Sarah), it made our lives less complicated and they enjoyed the experience much better with you than with Mom and Dad harping at them.
-Dan and Lisa Gaston
She is finished with everything, You were a godsend and we would have not gotten anything done without you.
-Kim Hunt
Thank you for all you’ve done. We’d be a mess without you.
-Mary Jo Webb
We feel so lucky to have found you. As you know it’s a pivotal time for all of us and I loved that Gabi felt an instant bond, friendship and support from you. We are forever grateful.
- Karin Plastina
Dan and I loved Will’s essay and it is very different than we expected it to turn out, but in a good way. Thank you so much for working with him. It is so much more than an essay, it helps kids to think about their future and where they see themselves as adults. There is no way he would’ve gotten that from me working with him and that is an intangible benefit of what you do with these kids.
-Michelle Bickford
I want to thank you for all you’ve done for Helene. I feel the time she spent with you not only helped her have some great essays for her college applications, but gave her a better understanding of herself. You gave her some tools to look inside herself and realize things about herself she may have never known.
- Robin Hawes
Allie enjoyed working with you. You kept her on track and focused on what needed to happen. I like how you raised questions that made her really think about herself and what sparks her interest. Reisha, you always have a smile on your face and are upbeat which is so refreshing and positive when working with high school students.
-Karen and Tom Warfield